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SAMLI’s founder has been dedicated to UAV Agricultural Sprayer drones since year 2012. Passion is a key to success. Great passion will lead you through tough times. We combine a deep knowledge of agriculture, a history of understanding farmers’ needs, and a realistic approach to drone technology. With our drones and our support, farmers have been able to apply water/fungicide/pesticide/herbicide/fertilizer to their entire corn crop.


Sprayers feature a range of specifications that influence their performance abilities and suitability for specific work cases. Selecting the right agricultural sprayer can help you grasp the timing during spraying season. SAMLI will support you to select the suitable sprayer for the job. 


If you have ever demand or thought about sprayer application, SAMLI is here to help.

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SAMLI Company Introduction


Zhongshan Samli E-Commerce Co. Ltd. was set up in year 2021. Samli represents simple and pure.  Samli is the combination of passion and technology. Samli is a start-up enterprise, efficient & professional.



Samli’s product and service category:

1,Drone parts export

2,Drone parts assembly and sales

3,Drone operation support

4,Drones repair and maintenance 

5,Drones technical consultant